Panel discussion

Panel discussion: Interrogating Environment and Development: Research, Training and Scientific Careers in India

Date & Time: 3rd August, 4:20-5:30 pm

There is a need more than ever before to have researchers and training programmes that examine issues that lie at the interface of environment and development. However, doing research of this nature and undertaking interdisciplinary work come with academic as well as practical challenges for both senior as well as younger researchers, especially in a country like India that is slow in accepting the need for such research and training.

The panel discussion attempts to advance a conversation with researchers who have engaged with and are currently engaging in issues on environment and development about some of the key challenges they face, as well as to examine the challenge of adopting an interdisciplinary pedagogic and research model to examine environment and development issues in the context of a democracy like India. The discussion attempts to also examine personal challenges faced by individuals as well as within institutions that undertake such work in the Indian context. It will also attempt an exploration into the requirement and the complexities of making 'problem-oriented' and ‘applied’ research and training more into the mainstream Indian higher education system and some of the challenges that lie ahead for researchers and teachers in the next few decades in this country.

Abi Tamin Vanak (Fellow, ATREE)
Bejoy Thomas (Fellow, ATREE)
Hita Unnikrishnan (ATREE PhD alumna)
Madhura Niphadkar (ATREE PhD alumna)
Rajkamal Goswami (ATREE PhD alumnus)
Veena Srinivasan (Fellow, ATREE)

Discussant: Amita Baviskar (Prof. Sociology, Institute of Economic Growth)
Moderator: Shikha Lakhanpal (Post-doc, ATREE)